Italy and Turkey sign agreements: from defense to technology

During the intergovernmental summit in Ankara, Italy and Turkey signed a series of agreements on various issues. A first agreement concerns the mutual recognition of driving licenses and aims to facilitate the movement of Italian and Turkish driving license holders in the territories of their respective countries, allowing the Parties to recognize and convert the … Read more

Between art and technology, the new frontier of contemporary culture

Listen to the audio version of the article Between art and technology, the new frontier of contemporary culture. “The new frontier of contemporary culture lies in the growing contamination between art and technology.” The speech of Massimo Lapucci, general secretary of the CRT Foundation, Ceo Ogr Torino, to the General States of Culture, including in … Read more

“Marbled? It will happen again: huge risk for countries downstream of the glaciers. Government use technology and if necessary close certain steps”

“The installations They are not good. Under such conditions, duringsummer I hope so something else happens. We must act immediately.” In the words of the climatic physicist of the CNR, antonello Pasiniwhich has repeatedly explained the risks of hot extreme and, in general, climate change, there is awareness that what happened in the marbled it … Read more

the karaoke box on sale at Amazon

Summer evenings offer many moments of Relax and the pleasure of being in the company of friends. There music it is the pleasant background that accompanies outdoor dinners, on the terrace or real dinners garden parties where to perform in singing competitions thanks to karaoke. In any case, a lot of music and a clear … Read more

Advanced technology available for volleyball: Giuseppe Tombolini remains Gioiella Prisma Taranto’s health manager

Gioiella Prisma Taranto will still be able to count on the experience and professionalism of Dr. giuseppe tombolini as head of the club’s medical staff. Tombolini is an orthopedic technician, director of the health company”Tombolini Orthopedic Workshops“, A leading medical health company in the prosthetics and orthotics sector located in via San Giovanni in San … Read more