Customer analytics for eCommerce: what they are and why they help growth

Customer analytics for eCommerce: what they are and why they help growth

According to Enrico FerrettiCEO of the digital marketing agency Secret Key, ¬ęThe vast majority of companies operating in the e-commerce sector ignore key KPIs to establish the health of their online business, thereby missing out on important growth opportunities.“. The reference is to the customer analysisthat is, performance indicators with respect to the customer base … Read more

TikTok and junk food marketing

In tik tokthe Chinese social network launched in September 2016 and widely followed by kids Y teenagersRage dietary messages misleading and counterproductive to health. Unhealthy food and drink brands, in fact, in addition to using their social media accounts to broadcast promotional messages, are encouraging TikTok users to market their products, thus turning the little … Read more

Events and marketing, the guide goes to the mayor

The mayor of Chioggia Armelao has decided that he will directly follow the events and territorial marketing chapter that, until now, was in the hands of Serena De Perini. Instead, De Perini was given responsibility for the environment, first in the hands of Massimiliano Tiozzo. Officially, the election allowed the two councilors to focus on … Read more

The legal basis for the use and storage of personal data stored on users’ devices for marketing purposes can only be consent.

Regulation (EU) 2016/679, by providing that each treatment must be based on an adequate legal basis, identifies, as is known, in the article in article 6 the following legal bases: consent, fulfillment of contractual obligations, vital interests of the interested party or of third parties, legal obligations to which the owner is subject, public interest … Read more

AI software that translates text into images

Mountain View’s New Frontier: Google Introduces Image. The text-to-image system that allows you to get amazing photographic results from complex text. We are aware of this: even the eye wants its share and the Mountain View giant has understood this for a long time. In fact, a suggestive Big G project, whose name is Image: … Read more

Sprint24 services to improve the offline marketing of companies

In a world dominated by technology Offline marketing still offers great opportunities for brand promotion. On the other hand, all successful companies consistently invest in traditional marketing, exploiting its potential to build a recognizable, credible and authoritative brand. Offline marketing allows you to transmit your message directly, in a way that is easy to memorize … Read more

Oppose mobile advertising: the Register of Oppositions has been active since July 27

MISE reports that since On July 27, the new public registration of oppositions will be operational (RPO) to the wild telemarketing that simplifies procedures for citizens who intend to protect their privacy from unwanted and invasive promotional activities towards mobile phones and imposes new obligations on operators In particular, protection extends to mobile phone numbers … Read more